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Welcome to Edith Rogers School

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Our campus is located at 8308 Mill Woods Road. We offer a variety of academic programs and enrichment opportunities from grades 7 - 9 to ensure our students’ success in a global environment and prepare them to become the leaders of tomorrow. 

Edith Rogers School was opened in 1975 and is named after Mrs. Edith Rogers, who served as an Alberta MLA and Edmonton Public School Trustee. We are proud to continue the E.R. tradition of high academic expectations, great learning opportunities and preparing students to achieve their potential.





Principal's Message


Welcome to Edith Rogers!


Our school is a fantastic place to belong.  We welcome all learners. We pride ourselves in meeting students’ needs, and meeting students where they are at in their personal learning journey. We offer varied programming including Cogito, Opportunity, Literacy, and Integrated Behavior programming. Academics are always a priority in our regular junior high classes. We strive to be innovative and engaging in our teaching and learning practices. 


Our students bring integrity, honesty, an incredible work ethic and commitment to their academics, athletics, culture and community.  In addition to academics, we foster our students’ emotional, physical and mental wellness through our full school and individual programming.  


The staff and students are warm and welcoming. Our staff make it a priority to get to know our students as learners.  We work together with our students to foster a climate of engagement and focus. Our students are committed scholars, earnest athletes, creative thinkers and community leaders.  We facilitate an atmosphere of questioning, debate, critical thinking, active classroom engagement and skilled classroom collaboration. 


We look forward to meeting you.


With care,

Stacy Fysh