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Please park and drive considerately in the area and with due regard for the safety of our students and other drivers.  You may need to park further away from the school and your child may need to walk a bit further from your car to school but this will improve safety.  Edmonton Bylaw regularly monitors this area.

NO Parking areas:

  • No parking on Mill Woods Road at any time.  The area in front of the school is a school bus loading zone (for yellow busses only).  Parking in a school bus loading zone is illegal and creates a safety hazard.
  • NO UTURNS in front of the school.
  • No parking, dropping off or picking up in the staff parking lot at any time.
  • No parking in the neighborhood entrance way across Mill Woods Road, south of the school. There is much congestion in this area after school, and at times blocking access to community members trying to get to their residences.  The City of Edmonton has put up a No Parking sign here. 

Alternate Parking:

  • Visitor parking lot, east of Edith Rogers
  • Millbourne Mall – (400 metres) 5 minute walk