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Welcome to Edith Rogers School


Our campus is located at 8308 Mill Woods Road. We offer a variety of academic programs and enrichment opportunities from grades 7 - 9 to ensure our students’ success in a global environment and prepare them to become the leaders of tomorrow. These include:

  • Cogito (Enriched academic programming, disciplined environment and daily homework focused on the Humanities, Mathematics, Sciences, and Fine & Practical Arts)
  • Mandarin (Chinese) as a Second Language
  • Confucius Classroom Status with support from China and the Confucius Institute in Edmonton.                
  • French as a Second Language
  • Daily Academic Enrichment and Support periods with a literacy and numeracy focus
  • A broad selection of CTF (Career & Technology Foundations) option courses so that students can have many experiences and begin the process of exploring future possibilities/careers:


- 3-D Printing

- Electric Guitar Building

- Advances in Science, Engineering, Medicine & Law

- Ethical Enterprise & Innovation

- Broadcasting

- Exploring Programming & Robotics

- Career Exploration & Self Marketing

- Film Making

- Careers in Fashion, Sewing & Design

- Fit for Life

- Career Opportunities in Art

- Health & Balance in the Digital Age

- Careers in TV & Media

- High Performance Fitness & Nutrition

- Chinese Cultural Experience

- Leaders in Training

- Construction Technology

- Making a great career out of High Performance Speechcraft

- Culinary Arts & Nutrition

- Music Appreciation

- Digital Photography/Photoshop Editing

- Vehicle Designing, Building & Materials

- Drama



  • Opportunity, Literacy,  and Behaviour & Learning Support Programs
  • Daily tutorials through our homework and breakfast clubs
  • An extensive athletics program (Soccer, Flag Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Tackle Football, Basketball, Badminton, Slow Pitch, Track & Field etc.)

Edith Rogers School was opened in 1975 and is named after Mrs. Edith Rogers, who served as an Alberta MLA and Edmonton Public School Trustee. We are proud to continue the E.R. tradition of high academic expectations, great learning opportunities and preparing students to achieve their potential.



Principal's Message


Edith Rogers Students & Families:

Welcome to the 2019-20 school year and all the opportunities it brings for student success and a bright future! At Edith Rogers School, we set high standards for student achievement and behaviour  in a safe, respectful and caring environment. We encourage all of our kids and work in partnership with our families to ensure that everyone is engaged in the high quality learning opportunities provided through our academic and Second Language programs, extensive selection of CTF option courses, extra-curricular clubs and scholastic/interscholastic athletics.

Our staff use proven, research-based teaching strategies and assessment practices to ensure high quality teaching/learning for all children. We provide extra daily instruction so kids master literacy/numeracy skills and guide them to become ethical citizens,  engaged thinkers and develop an entrepreneurial spirit so that they can take advantage of the possibilities that will be presented to them in a fast paced and ever-changing global environment.  

ER students are expected to put their best effort into their studies at all times, follow our daily homework routine (one hour of daily paper/pencil activities, review of notes and quality reading time) and access the tutorial opportunities we provide if they need extra help with their studies. Participating in clubs, athletics and other extra-curricular activities, enriches learning and assures a well-rounded education. Since we are a “closed campus” school (students are expected to remain on school property throughout the whole day), kids have ample opportunities to engage in extra learning.

Parents are valued as critical partners in our children’s education. We share information on student progress through monthly reports so that families can have regular, meaningful conversations around kids’ learning. In addition, student-led conferences are held in October, February and May of each school year so kids can share their learning with their family and parents can have informed conversations with their children’s teachers well in advance of formal progress reports. Since parents know their children best, meetings can also be arranged with individual teachers or the team of teachers working with their child at any time throughout the year at their request.

Above all, we place great value on the relationships we have with our families. Our “Partnership Triangle for Student Success” (fully engaged students, parents and staff to ensure high levels of student progress/achievement) is an ongoing reminder that we are working together toward this common goal. Please do not hesitate to call, email or drop in if you have any questions or require additional information

On behalf of the entire staff, we welcome you to Edith Rogers School and look forward to working with you.


Tim Boan