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In preparing our students for the demands of the challenging global environment across all facets of life, it is imperative that they are given an opportunity to learn in a setting that provides for the highest academic standards. "To Think", students must first acquire the knowledge, skills, training, and attitudes to make relevant associations and connections in our ever changing world. They must develop a strong foundation of ethical and civic standards and adhere to a solid commitment to building family, community, country, and world well-being.

The word "Cogito" is Latin for "I Think". It stresses

  • A knowledge based enriched curriculum
  • The value of effort and self discipline
  • Applying strategies for 'critical thinking'
  1. Students in the Cogito Program strive for excellence in all endeavours.
  2. Students in the Cogito Program maintain a high academic achievement standing in all subjects.
  3. Students in the Cogito Program display high moral and civic character, modeling excellent behaviour and superior conduct.
  4. Students in the Cogito Program value hard work and a positive attitude as the path to success.

Students' successes are largely due to a common goal that both parents and staff share. The importance of developing a strong parent-teacher partnership is often overlooked. Teachers and parents share a common interest in helping students to achieve their fullest potential.

Parent support for student learning is a crucial part of the formula for success in school. Being aware of what your child is expected to learn assists the parent to become meaningfully involved in supporting their child's education. "Engaging Families and the Community" is one of our key expectations for this school year. By sharing what we do in the classroom, parents and members of the community will gain a better appreciation of the important work taking place at Edith Rogers School.

The Cogito Alternative Program is an academic program based on whole-group, teacher-directed instruction in a structured setting. It provides a knowledge-based, enriched curriculum, with an emphasis on phonics, spelling, grammar, and computational and problem-solving skills. Daily homework is integral to the program.‌