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Meals To Go Edmonton - Hot Lunch Program


Fresh, Tasty and Nutritious Made Daily Fresh Guaranteed Daily Delivery
Lunch Program Overview
STUDENTS - They eat healthy and have a delicious meal.
PARENTS – Have the ease of mind of that your kids are eating healthy each day, and getting their daily nutrition. It saves time and is easy to order.

How It Works
Monthly Program
Parents : visit the website below, click on the menu which is set for the month and pay for it.
Parents can choose which days they wish to order for. We have many different payment
options and also have REFUND option for the kids who are away on vacation or illness. Our
program is “monthly” and the kids will have lunch delivered to them each day. ( Monday,
Tuesday and Thursday)
Our menu is “set day” based and prepared daily. We deliver our meals in carriers that are
thermal. We keep hot, HOT and cold, COLD. Once they are delivered to the schools, our staff
will be at the designated area to serve and deliver the lunches to the kids.